How’s This For Social Media Bragging: Avril Lavigne Shows Off Massive 17-Carat Diamond Ring on Twitter

And you thought your blogger friend who’s always posting photos of her new Chanel bags was bragging: Yesterday, pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne took to Twitter to show off the 17-carat diamond ring husband Chad Kroeger bought her for their first anniversary.

Yes, that’s 17 carats, people—three carats larger than the oh-so-understated 14-carat bling he proposed with in 2012. Hey, you gotta stay in the news somehow, right?

Obviously—because it’s a social media world and we’re just living it—the 29-year-old “Boyfriend” singer posted a photo of the rock, with the caption: “I still can’t believe my 1 year anniversary gift. 17 carat emerald cut. Wow. I love my hubby,” Avril tweeted to her 16.3 million followers.

avril lavigne 17 carat ring diamind

Clearly, Kroeger—who’s the lead singer of Canadian rock band Nickelback—is doing well for himself, despite the fact that his band has become something of a pop culture punchline during the last few years.

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If these guys need to prove their love by continuously topping themselves in terms of diamond size, to each their own. However, we kind of think the whole thing’s a little sad, and some things should remain private. But then we remember it’s 2014 and most celebrities with a smartphone probably need to look that word up in Webster’s.

What do you think about Avril showing off her massive rock on social media? Would you have kept it to yourself? Sound off below! 

UPDATE: Avril and Chad might have realized how bougie braggy this tweet was, or her handlers might have said gushing over diamonds goes against her “punk” image. Either way, it appears to have been removed.