“I Want to Be Her” Author Andrea Linett Walks Us Through Her Fall Staples

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“I Want to Be Her” Author Andrea Linett Walks Us Through Her Fall Staples
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After working in the fashion industry for over 20 years — including working at Sassy and Harper’s Bazaar, co-founding Lucky Magazine in 2000, serving as eBay Fashion’s first-ever creative director, and now acting as the VP Global Creative Director at Michael Kors — the ever-evolving Andrea Linett is trying a new title on for size: Author.

With her new book, I Want to Be Her! (based on her cult-favorite blog) out this month, Linett pays homage to her style muses she’s encountered over the years. The book also features charming illustrations of each lucky lady by her best friend Ann Johnston Albert (remember the old last page of Lucky?).

We were fortunate enough to raid the closet of one of our own favorite style muses. Here, Linett walks us through her own must-have items of the season, giving us all a little insight into becoming one step closer to being, er, her.

Read on to see Andrea’s picks …

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Photography by Michael Waring

I Want to Be Her! cover art, courtesy of Abrams Books

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"This one by Lee is perfectly beat-up and so soft it's crazy," says Linett. "I've had it patched several times -- In fact, it's at the tailor as we speak."

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"I have a million pairs of Tripp pants that I get at Trash & Vaudeville. They’re fun, they fit great and they’re cheap," notes Linett. "This wacky over-dyed camoflage pair is my new favorite."

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"I’ve been looking for the perfect camel jacket for forever and I just found it!" cheers Linett. "This MICHAEL Michael Kors camel blazer fits perfectly -- the shoulders are nice and narrow, and the long lapel just looks so new and cool."

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"These Rick Owens boots have been my everyday boots in black and brown for years, since they give me height but are still pretty comfortable, as far as heels go," says Linett. "I just got the white pair because they feel so fresh right now."

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"I have a few of these, but this particular Boy Scout shirt is the right size to wear as a little jacket or tucked in as a shirt," notes Linett.

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"I wear this necklace every day," says Linett. "I paired this vintage gold chain with a few charms made by dear friends. I love this Star of David charm by James Colarusso; it's so heavy and chunky -- the best I've ever seen. The little diamond 'donut' and lustrous little Tahitian pearl were made by my friends David and Ron of Ten Thousand Things." She continues, "I feel protected when I wear it."

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"As soon as there’s even the slightest chill in the air, I have to cover my neck," Linett confesses. "I love this one by Amicale because it’s got a super soft weave almost like gauze, and the camel color feels very 'French girl' to me."

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"I live in tee shirts, and I got this one from Reliquary in San Francisco. It’s one of my favorites because it’s insanely soft and the color is just so good," says Linett. "I think it’s made from reclaimed fabric."

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"I'm crazy about the shape of my MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Signature Grayson Satchel -- so perfectly European and seventies! And I can throw everything in here – even an extra pair of shoes," adds Linett.

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"I've always loved iconic leather jackets and collect them -- not too designed and built for speed. I got this one from my dear friend Christine Ganeaux's store in Amagansett and even though the lining is questionable, it's become my most-worn hands down," says Linett.

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"My friend made me buy this 1970s gold Rolex a few years ago, and I’m so glad he did," recalls Linett. "Since I don’t ever really get too dressed up, I think this, at the very least, elevates even jeans and a tee shirt."

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