Australia Fashion Week: Get Down (Under) with Camilla & Marc

Kerry Pieri
Australia Fashion Week: Get Down (Under) with Camilla & Marc
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There’s a whole fashion week going on in case you didn’t know, and Camilla and Marc is one of the major labels to keep an eye on. The brother and sister duo are synonymous with their modern, clean aesthetics. For Spring 2011 (yep, that’s what’s showing in Australia this week), the pair showed their collection in the evening for the first time in a moody, extravagant setting, illustrating that they’re quite the force in the fashion world.

With more color, prints and opulent details for the season, the Camilla and Marc aesthetic is still recognizable, but with a new twist. A wide leg white pant and drop waist black dress are tailored to a tee, while glimmering jumpsuits look way ready for a party. It’s still totally wearable, young, cool and made with a woman’s body in mind, but the eye is in the details moreso than ever.