Australia Is Officially the Most Instagram Friendly Country In the World

Between the stretches of blue and white coastlines, sunset-red deserts, incredible wildlife, and myriad of cute cafés every way you turn, it’s no wonder that Australia is now officially the most Instagram friendly nation on the planet. Seriously, it’s a country surrounded entirely by beaches, and have you seen those cuddly koalas?

The Tourism Australia page, @Australia, just amassed over one million followers to date, making it the most followed Instagram account for a national destination in the world. In comparison, New York City’s official account has just 16,000 followers, and Canada (@explorecanada) clocks in at only 137,000. We’re impressed, but not surprised, because damn Australia, you’re just so photogenic.



To source their incredible photos, Tourism Australia’s social media staff search for pictures under the #seeaustralia and #restaurantaustralia tags, pull out the most amazing snaps, and then regram the two or three best images each day. You will find everything and anything Australian on the page, from kangaroos to a scenic sunset, to fancy meals at local restaurants. (Editor’s note: as an Australian myself, I’ve posted my fair share of all of these.)

If you base your opinion of Australia entirely on this Instagram account alone, you could be forgiven for thinking that every Aussie lives on an idyllic beach, dives with turtles on the weekend, and feeds wildlife by hand in their front garden (which they don’t, just to be clear.) It’s obvious why the world loves following photos of Australia, and it definitely helps keep @Australia‘s Instagram game strong that while we’re busy buying snow boots and planning cozy nights in with Netflix, Australians are settling into a long, hot, social media friendly Summer—at the beach, probably.

Keep scrolling for a few more of our favorite Instagrams of Australia.

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