Aussie Fashion Turns on the HEAT


It’s incredible to think that with all the social media portals, we could miss any popular brand or boutique worthy of note. However, it seems that even with our seemingly endless access, physical distance still remains an information barrier.

While we paid note as Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong became new fashion cities, the land down under has been bolstering its own fashion scene and is ready to showcase its young designer talent. In turn, Queensland, Australia launched their new initiative HEAT Fashion. HEAT Fashion is designed as a platform to give Queensland designers a little leverage as they transition into the US Market.

Standout brands highlighted by HEAT Fashion include Easton Pearson, Vanguard, Gail Sorronda and Pistols at Dawn among others. “HEAT Fashion offers the platform and opportunity for our designers to gain recognition in the increasingly saturated fashion sector, providing the profile necessary to grow their businesses, and in turn, the profile of Queensland’s fashion industry for generations of designers to come,” says Amber Long director of the luxury retail group Jean Brown.

Recently, HEAT Fashion debuted a promotional video to help spread the word stateside about their program:

HEAT FASHION feb 21 from Alex Chomicz on Vimeo.

Keep your eyes peeled as these Aussie brands continue to grow on this side of the equator!