August Mood Board: 11 Things That Are Inspiring Us This Month

A new month is here, and our editorial team has been injected with all sorts of summer inspiration, making it the perfect time for the next installment of our Mood Board series.

Our interests are varied—from pop culture and music to the arts, interior design, and (of course!) fashion. Here, we’ve highlighted 11 things our editors are ecstatic about this month. Take a look, and let us know: What’s your August inspiration?

august 2014 pop culture candidly nicole


1. Raspberry Cream Pie Day & National Girlfriends Day! 

Of all the ridiculous national holidays that exist, this combo takes the cake this month. What better way to celebrate a holiday dedicated to your best girlfriends than with a big slice of raspberry cream pie? And remember, calories don’t count on national holidays. If you’re not the dessert type, try one of these tasty (and healthy) cocktails.

2. A statement ear cuff
Gone are the days of statement rings and statement necklaces—right now it’s all about the ears. Ear cuffs are designed to follow the curve of your ear in the same way a headband follows your head. Ryan Storer’s sparkling Swarovski crystal clip-on design is accompanied by a single butterfly-fastening stud, take a closer look at Net-a-Porter.

3. Christian Louboutin nail polish 

Leave it to the creator of the world’s sexiest shoe to come out with the sexiest looking nail polish we’ve ever seen. $50 might be a lot for polish, but at least now we can wear Louboutin red 24/7 and still manage to the pay the rent.

4. Fun backpacks 

It’s time for back-to-school! And even if you graduated years ago, that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the student spirit. Edge up your look with a bold, bright backpack in a fun material. This one by Alexander Wang is killer.

5. ‘Candidly Nicole’ 

Miss the days when the Simple Life was on?  No worries, we can watch the unfiltered Nicole Richie get herself into all sorts of interesting situations on her new VH1 series.

6. Molala Breakup Baskets 

We’re not sure what changes in the water when the summer winds down, but it is prime time for couples to split, breakup, consciously uncouple or as some may say, tenderly undo themselves. Whatever you want to call it, you aren’t going to be sad this time around, because Molala has made up the perfect breakup basket filled with chocolate, dvd’s, empowering reads, and more to snuggle up to on newly single nights.

7. Adopted’s phone cases 

Nothing says “chic phone case” like an exotic skin in a radiant color.  Blue python? Why not. It’s about time your iPhone got an upgrade. Adopted NYC takes the cake with their head turning Barney’s collaboration.

8. Dior Fusion Sneakers 

Meet the $1,100 shoes that seem to be everywhere. We love the ideas of wearing sneakers with evening gowns, making a dance party out of any occasion.  Still having sticker shock? Watch this mesmerizing video to see how much work goes into each pair.

9. The U.S. Open

If you’re having World Cup withdrawal and need an excuse to spend your afternoon at a bar, the U.S. Open begins this August!  The first tennis match kicks off on August 25th.

10. Bright stackable bracelets 

Bright stackable bracelets are a fun way to meet your jewelry quota without wearing the same old boring necklace.  This set found at Zady is the perfect start to a killer collection.

11. Bold statement heels 

Life is too short to wear boring shoes. Instead, bold statement heels are having a moment. Check out one of our new favorites from Aquazarra at Barneys.