Audrina Patridge Brings You Groundbreaking Relationship News

Jessica Rubin

Well this is a real humdinger. In an interview with People, Audrina Patridge — who starred on the “reality” show The Hills and Audrina — admitted that her TV career was bad for her relationship. In a rather insightful statement,Audrina says, “Filming a reality show really takes a toll on relationships because your mindset is to create good TV.”

Finally someone comes clean about the over-dramatization of reality television (well, sort of). But seriously, have we not witnessed time and again the epic failure of Hollywood marriages? Audrina‘s on-again-off-again relationship with stud-muffin Corey Bohan hardly qualifies as the most A-list couple to undergo the the trials of life in the spotlight. Besides, we prefer to focus on her epic partnership with Justin Bobby. Now that was good TV.

In light of Audrina’s statement we once again need to ask ourselves, are celebrity relationships destined to fail? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Image courtesy ofBFA/SIPA.