Audrina Attends the MTV Australia Awards, Ruins Balmain Sandals For Us


There is something to be said for the certain designer items (cough YSL tributes) that are at one time super hard to get and only seen on the most stylish of celebrities that somehow wind up on er, less fashionable celebrities. This trickle down effect occurs when highly editorial looking, ultra-coveted pieces wind up on the likes of Audrina (or Heidi). Case in point: Jennifer Connelly wore head to toe Balmain to the premiere of He’s Just Not That Into You and looked beyond amazing but something gets lost in translation, when Audrina (pictured here) is seen wearing the very same shoes. Seeing these sandals on a less than stylish, plastic surgery enhanced, topless posing reality star really takes the allure away from shoes that I once had a deep love for.