On the Auction Block: A Million Dollar Book and a 1956 Bentley

Leah Bourne
On the Auction Block: A Million Dollar Book and a 1956 Bentley
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Big spenders, ready your wallets.This month, top auction houses are rolling out some seriously collectible wares. If you’ve always imagined speeding into the future behind the wheel of a classic car, the 1956 Bentley S-Type—with a two-tone mint and navy blue paint job—is sure to revv your engine.

More bookish than automotive? The second-edition printing of Vergil’s Aeneid is expected to fetch upwards of a million at auction, making it one of the priciest “summer reads” we’ve ever heard of.

Click on to see the most spectacular pieces headed to the auction block.

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1956 Bentley S Type: If you believe the old saying, "it's not about the destination, it's how you get there," then you'll want to start shuttling yourself around town in a classic 1956 Bentley S type as soon as posisble. We love the two-tone mint and navy painted version hitting Bonham's rare auto auction later this month. Estimated $46,000 to $61,000. June 15 at Bonhams.

Photo: Bonhams/Bonhams

Bonnie Parker's Revolver: Infamous hell-raisers Bonnie and Clyde were often snapped posing with their pistols. Now, you have the chance to own Bonnie's dainty Colt .25 caliber Pocket Automatic, which features a few dings on the handle—probably earned during a high-way shootout. Currently at $11,500. Auction ends June 19 at RRAuction.

Photo: RR Auction/RR Auction

Willem de Kooning's Untitled: This piece by Willem de Kooning, drawn in the 1960s, shows his evolution as artist. And seriously, who doesn't want to hang a De Kooning in their home? Estimated $50,000-$70,000. Until June 13 at Christies.

Photo: Christies/Christies

Donald Judd Chair: Minimalist Donald Judd created clean, simple housewares that still look fresh today, like this concrete chair. Comfy? We doubt it. But your guests will definitely get a thrill taking a seat on "a real Judd." Estimated $40,000 to $60,000 at Sothebys.

Photo: Sothebys/Sothebys

Felt Doll: All those creepy dolls at your grandma's house may be worth some money, as it turns out. Bonham's collectible doll sale features this menacing looking drummer boy, who is described as having "side-glancing eyes" and "accented nostrils." We would be bummed, too. Estimated $1,500 to $2,000. June 24 at Bonhams.

Photo: Bonhams/Bonhams

Alberto Giacometti: This ethereal female figure by Alberto Giacometti is described as having "luminous skin" and "whispering strokes" of hair. All that may be true, but we can also tell for certain that it's a pretty valuable trinket to have on the mantle, with estimates ranging over a million dollars. Estimated $1,300,000 to $1,960,000, June 6 at Sothebys.

Photo: Sothebys/Sothebys

Hemingway and a Shark: Hemingway may have been an "Old Man and the Sea" himself, judging by this glossy black and white photo of the author and Elicio Arguelles posing next to a massive marlin. Currently at $3,384. Auction Ends June 19 at RRAuction.

Photo: RRAuction/RRAuction

Marble Apollo: Who wouldn't want the derriere of a Greek god gracing their home? This lithe carving of Apollo is life-size (minus the head and extremities, of course), and dates back to ancient Athens. Estimated $200,000 to $300,000. June 6 at Christies.

Photo: Christies/Christies

Nathaniel Chamberlain Pocket Watch: This super-rare 17th century watch features tortoiseshell inlaid into a silver case and an intricately ingraved exterior. Our favorite detail? An elaborate diamond-set push button. Estimated $4,600 to $6,100. June 11 at Bonhams.

Photo: Bonhams/Bonhams

Original Virgil: When some of your biggest fans include the likes of Dante, you know you're going to be a big seller. This second edition of the works of latin poet, Virgil, is guaranteed to be the priciest tome on your bookshelf. Estimated $760,000 to $1,300,000. June 12 at Christies.

Photo: Christies/Christies

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