On the Auction Block: A Matisse Original and Walt Disney with Chimpanzees

Blair Pfander
On the Auction Block: A Matisse Original and Walt Disney with Chimpanzees
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This week is a big one for fine art collectors: with simultaneous sales in surrealist and modern art, Christies and Sothebys save a smattering of big-ticket items for their February auctions.
Which makes it a perfect time to blow those pesky millions burning a hole in your pocket: Matisse’s romantic “Jeune Fille a la Mauresse“—which is estimated to run upwards of $5 million—heads to Christies on February 6, while Joan Miro’s colorful “Le Fermier et Son Epouse“—estimated around $12 million—hits the Sotheby’s block on the 5th.
If that’s a tad out of your price range, check out a rare signed black and white photo of Walt Disney surrounded by (fully-clothed) Chimpanzees, which starts at $2,5000.  Still too spendy? Give your morning caffeine fix a royal makeover with an antique silver “George II” coffee pot, which starts at just $630.

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Belgian Silver Fighting Cockerels: No mansion is complete without a pair of silver "fighting cockerels" perched on the mantle. This early 20th century pair features a stamping and a crouching rooster ready to have at it. Estimated $800 to $1,200, February 5 at Christies

Dan Dare Pocket Watch: This colorful pocket watch is emblazoned with the face of Dan Dare—a British sci-fi comic hero who fought crime in the "distant" 1990s—and bears the royal coat of arms on its shiny poly chrome case. We just think its really really cool. Estimated $310 to $390, February 5 at Bonhams

Silver Embossed Coffee Pot: If your morning routine could use a royal flourish, scoop up this silver "George II" coffee pot, which features a leaf-capped scroll spout and a boxwood double scroll handle. Estimated $630 to $790, February 5 at Bonhams

Joan Miro, "Le Fermier et Son Epouse": February is a big month for fine art auctions, and the surrealists are taking center stage early next week with coordinating sales at both Sothebys and Christies. This striking Joan Miro painting features a farmer, his wife, and a rooster in the near foreground. Estimated $8,663,050 to $11,813,250, February 5 at Sothebys

Rene Magritte, "Le Plagiat": You can't expect a typical still life from surrealist Rene Magritte, whose version of the tabletop vase features a blooming cherry tree in a green field where blooms should be. This important piece—which hits Christie's surrealist sale next week—was the last of the artist's "Le Plagiat," or "plagiarism" paintings. Estimated $3,138,000 to $4,707,000, February 6 at Christies

Henri Matisse, "Jeune Fille a la Mauresse": If the surrealists aren't your cup of tea, maybe the 19th century impressionists will suit you better. This original Matisse painting—which depicts a girl in a green dress standing at a windowsill—will be sold as part of Christie's latest "Modern Art" event. Estimated $3,922,500 to $5,491,500, February 6 at Christies

Walt Disney and the Chimpanzees: No Disney-collector can possibly pass up on this bizarre black and white portrait of the big man himself entertaining two fully-clothed chimpanzees. Currently at $2,541, February 13 at RR Auction

Alessandro Filipepi, "The Rockefeller Madonna": If you ask us, Rockefeller money calls for a "Rockefeller Madonna"—which, appropriately, is the name of this 15th century Florentine painting depicting the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus and a toddler-sized John the Baptist. Estimated $5,000,000 to $7,000,000 at Christies

Original Charles Schulz Cartoon: In this hand-inked comic strip, Charlie Brown tries to explain to Lucy why he never wins an argument. But don't expect a gem like this to cost "Peanuts"—bidding hasn't even begun, and the price is already set to $2,100. Currently at $2,100, February 13 at RR Auction.  

Pablo Picasso, "La Peintre": If you're looking to impress high-roller house guests, nothing does the trick quite like a big, instantly-recognizable Picasso painting. This unusual abstract piece, "La Peintre," shows a long-haired artist wielding his brush. Estimated $3,922,500 at $7,060,500, February 6 at Christies

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