Attention Aspiring Authors: Prada Launches Writing Contest

Perrie Samotin
collage121 Attention Aspiring Authors: Prada Launches Writing Contest

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Prada might be best known for its groundbreaking approach to fashion, but the luxury Italian label also has some serious smarts behind it—Miuccia herself has a P.h.D, for starters—so it make sense that the fashion house has teamed up with giant Italian publishing house Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore to launch an international writing contest that kicks off today.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the literary competition invites would-be authors and Prada enthusiasts to send in their thoughts on how vision shapes experience. Or, more specifically: “What realities do our eyes give us? And how do these realities get filtered through lenses?”

Since the topic is vision, it makes sense that Prada’s eyewear line—specifically the Pantos frames from the Eyewear Journal Collection featured in the house’s spring 2013 campaigns—partially inspired the contest. However, according to Prada Group communications and external relations director Stefano Cantino, the competition is also invested in seeking out new artists and new ways to communicate.

“The project stems from the brand’s conscious desire to seek out alternative forms of communication,” he said. “Writing and reading are so closely tied, and glasses are an interesting object — not just in terms of fashion. For this, it was important for us to find an authoritative partner such as Feltrinelli to help us navigate an area [writing] that is not our own….We think this is a project that can have continuity.”

If you’re interested in composing an essay on the subject in any language, you’ll be able to load your work onto Prada’s Web site in a specially created section through June 18. Feltrinelli himself will sift through the submissions, translating them if needed and selecting the winners, who will be announced in September.

One thing to note: Unlike a traditional competition, where there’s a first, a second, and a third place winner, Feltrinelli is choosing to devise a subset of style categories to choose winners for this particular endeavor, so maximum creativity is likely encouraged for a prize of 5,000 Euros.

For all the details, check out Prada Journal here.

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