At My Desk: Crown Group Hospitality’s Founder Has Three Computer Screens and Christopher Walken-Inspired Art

Sharon Feiereisen

AMD--SeanLargotta_Article-1You can tell a lot about a person by snooping through their desk: Are they the tchotchke type, or the gold-plated staples type? Do they scribble their thoughts in a Moleskine notebook, or Postalco?
As the founder and managing partner of Crown Group Hospitality, Sean Largotta overseas a slew of New York’s most trendsetting spots including The Lion, Bill’s Food & Drink, and Crown. Also in the works, Largotta is prepping for the opening of a new restaurant and lounge, Svago, and a hotel project. It is no wonder the former Wall Streeter needs three computer screens. We stopped by Largotta’s West Chelsea office to see where one of the most influential men in hospitality gets his work done.
1. Art: “My good friend John Codling did this Christopher Walken piece. He used to work on Wall Street and after 9/11 he went through a spiritual and mental shift and started embracing art. I like supporting my boy. My favorite piece is the one hanging outside my office that says ‘FEAR ME.'”
2. Map: “This is a map that highlights some locations we’re scouting for future projects,” explains Largotta.
3. Computer: “My computer has three screens—two for spreadsheets and one that has cameras to all the restaurants,” Largotta shared.
4. Dog: “Bentley is six, so I’ve had him for five years and nine months now,” says Largotta. “He comes with me to work every day.”
5. Books and Tea Set: “We’re going through these books for menu inspiration. We’re looking at a lot of Italian pastries and breads and this is a tea and coffee set someone just brought back for us from Istanbul.”
6. Mood Board: “We’re opening a new restaurant and lounge, Svago, downstairs in the early spring. This mood board encapsulates the vibe we want it to have, and there’s also a rendering on it.”
7. New Project Inspiration: “We’re working on a new hotel project in New York City and these books are filled with inspiration for it. Our office has a lot of things to inspire us. As for the Tom Ford book, I love Tom Ford…sometimes in long meetings people will get sick of hearing me speak and start reading the book.”
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