How to Shop Vintage Denim from Around the World—Without Leaving Your Desk

denim jeans2 How to Shop Vintage Denim from Around the World—Without Leaving Your DeskPhoto: The Hollywood Heels

There are typically two options when it comes to shopping for vintage denim: Either spend hours in musty thrift stores sifting through racks or fork out $200 to have someone else uncover a hidden gem for you. There aren’t really a ton of alternatives for those of us with an aversion to mothballs and spending the rent on used jeans.

There is a third option, however, that I think is deeply underrated: ASOS Marketplace, a place for small boutiques to sell their own labels, vintage collections, or multibrands. In my opinion, it’s also the first—and perhaps only—place you should bother looking for pre-worn denim.

That’s because the vintage jeans, jackets, dresses, and shirts in Marketplace are curated through an ASOS lens, so if you love shopping the regular, non-vintage offering, you’re going to find something you want here too.

Vintage denim jacketLone Wolves Vintage Jacket, $104.39; at ASOS Marketplace

Also, it’s the only way you can buy vintage from the hidden neighborhood thrift stores around the globe without leaving your desk.

My first port of call when hunting for a vintage denim gem on Marketplace is White Rabbit Exchange. The Irish seller curates affordable, vintage threads from across Europe and the United States and has heaps of awesome Levi’s jackets and jeans. It always has those cropped, straight-leg mom jeans that are impossible to find in modern collections and that other vintage sellers would charge enormously for.

Other favorite sellers are U.K. vintage boutique Lone Wolves Vintage, a place where I’ve spotted more than one incredible denim jacket in recent months, and Revolva, which sells the best denim cutoffs on the Internet (IMO) and also has its own independent online store.

Intrigued? You should be—there are so many one-off vintage finds just waiting to be snapped up. Head to ASOS Marketplace to start your search.

vintage jeansWanderland Jeans, $38.77; at ASOS Marketplace