ASOS Gets Summer Party Picks From British It Girls

ASOS Gets Summer Party Picks From British It Girls
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This morning was absolutely perfect here in New York sunny and breezy and begging for a tank top. I was wary of the fact that it was ever gonna happen, but I think summer might have decided to join us at last! And what is the best part of summer? The parties. Whether its a night out with friends or a wedding, dressing up for festive occasions is just more fun when its warm out. Hasta la vista heavy coats that cover up my cute outfits! Unfortunately, as the outfit choices increase so do the what-to-wear woes.

Lately, it seems that our most beloved online retailers have our backs when it comes to selecting that perfectly trendy look to outfit our days of summer. ASOS asked a handful of top-notch trendsetters what they plan on partying in during the coming months. Click through to see which of the many recent trends they call faves.

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