A Black Denim Jacket Could Be the Only Piece of Outerwear You Need This Season

Rachel Krause
Photo: ASOS

Photo: ASOS

This just in: Winter isn’t happening this year. As someone who obsessively scans the hourly weather report before choosing an outfit each day, I can say with all certainty that it’s going to be 60 degrees and cloudy until 2016. Trust me, I’m an expert.

I don’t hate winter, so I’m not as thrilled about the mild temps as everyone else seems to be. Mostly, I’m just very, very disappointed that I don’t urgently need a sick new winter coat. Even a leather jacket is too heavy for most days so far.

My consolation, surprisingly, comes in the form of denim. The mid-weight fabric is perfect for weird, in-between, Al-Gore-warned-us-about-this weather, and denim jackets even look cute tied around your waist in the event that you get overheated and start sweating on the subway like I almost always do.

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Black denim, to be exact, is the coolest: It goes with everything, and looks just as good worn over a dress as it does worn with more denim. Never enough denim, I always say. The ASOS Denim Girlfriend Jacket in Black ($72), which is in my Shopping Cart as we speak, could very well end up being the only piece of outerwear I need to purchase this season, even though I kind of hope it isn’t. While it would certainly be an economical—and stylish!—move, I think I’d start getting a little worried about the future here on earth.