Ask Anything — Am I Too Flirtatious?


Dear What Men Want:

I’m a flirty girl, but Im not promiscuous at all. Unfortunately, however, men usually assume that I am promiscuous because when I go out, I usually entertain everyone with conversation and a good time — and I usually end up walking away with a few numbers. I consider myself to be fun and flirty, and I LIKE that part of me, but just because Im a single girl who needs to know whats/whos out there doesnt mean I sleep around!

I guess my questions for you are: Should I stop talking to so many men when Im out? Is there such a think as being too flirty? (I mean, Im not flashing boobs or kissing strangers, but I like having a good time.) And lastly, how do I get men to see me as a serious prospect while remaining true to my fun and flirty nature? Please help!

Flirty in Florida

Dear Flirty in Florida:

Your biggest issue isn’t whether you’re sleeping around or not (which a large part of me doesn’t believe) but how you act when you go out and how you dress. Maybe you’re not acting like a college freshman on spring break in Cabo, but I’d be willing to bet a large sum of money that you’re dressing up as if you’re about to hit the stage at a titty bar or giving guys all the signals that they can launch their red rocket on you that night.

I’m a firm believer in one night stands, and if a girl is giving me all the signals that she wants to hook up right then and there, then in my mind I’m thinking exactly what her signals are telling me. Guys aren’t complicated, and I don’t understand why girls think we are. I see all these magazine covers about “how to keep your guy happy” or “how to read his signals” and it’s all bullshit. Males are the simplest species to decode. If you’re not looking for a one night stand or random hookups, don’t act like you are, and we won’t treat you that way. Even if you’re not flashing boobs, your “fun and flirty nature,” will also attract most of the guys at the bar. Tone it down, and see if that changes the types of guys you’re picking up. Otherwise, you’re going to hit a few casualties before you find “the one” — assuming that’s what you’re truly looking for.



Tommy Glide is the Chief Honey Hunter at The Hot Quest. When he’s not spending his time searching for the hottest girl on earth, he’s playing beer pong or reading Faulkner.

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