Ask an Expert, Be An Expert: Get Involved on StyleCaster

Kerry Pieri

I know I have questions, but it’s funny because I also have a lot of super useful answers. That’s the trick about fashion and beauty, what comes so easily to you, is a total mystery to the chic character next to you, and vice versa.

Why not help a girl out? StyleCaster’s new Ask an Expert, Be An Expert Forum allows StyleCasters to post their most daunting, or not, queries, and answer others’ life mysteries. How often should I wax? Does purple eye shadow work on all complexions? Can curvy girls wear high waisted pants? Someone knows!

StyleCaster will also enlist the expertise of the people at the top of their game in beauty, fashion, fitness and blogging to weigh in on special occasions, but we want to hear from you!

Get started at Ask an Expert, Be an Expert.

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