Ashton Kutcher Actually Does Something Good

Spencer Cain

I give Ashton Kutcher a lot of crap, but I can’t deny that he’s done a lot for one very important cause: the end of the sex trafficking industry. In fact, this past weekend, the Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force made three arrests in California, and Ashton was along for the ride.

Apparently, the Task Force’s team raided a few homes and came across some truly filthy things.”Imagine the worst of the worst. This is even worse than that,” Margo Rohrbacher of the San Rafael Police Department said, “Infants up to pre-pubescent children, so it’s just horrible.”

Kutcher didn’t do anything physical (like handcuffing these truly disgusting people), but he observed. I don’t really know what exactly the purpose of him being there was, but I can safely state that I’m impressed with the work he is doing to raise awareness about children at risk. For now, Ashton, I promise to not make fun of you. But only for now…

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