Ashley Greene Looks Absolutely Gorgeous With No Makeup

Ashley Greene Looks Absolutely Gorgeous With No Makeup
Photo: Getty

You know how you definitely can’t be bothered to put on makeup or real clothes when it’s time for a major grocery shopping trip? It appears as though Ashley Greene is right there with you, living her best life in a pair of gray leopard print leggings, an oversize T-shirt (with a heart on it, because #chic), a pair of bright sneaks, and absolutely no makeup whatsoever. We feel you, girl!

Greene was spotted by the paparazzi as she left a market in L.A. She looked not the least bit perturbed as the paps snapped away, taking in her makeup-free face in all its glory.

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Greene made in December when got engaged to Paul Khoury, whom she was friends with for five years before starting to date. “I also had this really weird rule where I’m like, you can’t propose to me unless we’ve been together for two years,” Greene told ET. “Pretty early on, we realized we wanted to be together, but we knew we didn’t want to rush things and kind of enjoy. We were really big on enjoying our relationship, and then living together, and then we were gonna enjoy our engagement. Like, we’re not planning to get married anytime soon… it’s an exciting time and I don’t know why you’d want to rush over that?”

Same, Ash. We’re v with you on all levels this sunny Thursday morning.

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