Ashley Graham’s Instagram Wardrobe Malfunction Is the Most Relatable Moment Ever

Ashley Graham
Photo: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images.

Despite being one of the top models in the world, Ashley Graham has proved she’s a normal person with regular issues. Ashley Graham posted a wardrobe malfunction Instagram that shows her *really* struggling to get on some sort of mesh top. Now, unlike average Joe, the supermodel has at least two or three people attempting to help her out of the predicament—and one friend photographing the incident. If this were us, it would be a five-minute struggle alone in our bedrooms with no one to help and only the cat to watch (and judge) as we muddle through.

Anyway, Graham’s insta post is pretty funny. Her expression is one of pure shock and struggle. We feel you, girl. “We all have those days, today was mine,” Graham wrote. Yes. A thousand times yes. “This is what happens to most of my fittings,” she added on her Instagram story.

Fans are laughing and agreeing that they understand what the model is dealing with.

“Pretty sure my whole life is in this phase, like, permanently,” one follower wrote.

“😂 this is why you’re my role model.. 😂😂,” @ferguson.902_xo commented. Exactly.

Another Instagram user offered up a complement: “@ashleygraham still working those angles and looking good at the same time! 😉 📸 xx”

“Struggle, but make it fashion 😂,” someone else added.

So what is it that Graham is trying to get on? One user offered their opinion saying, “Does anyone else think this is pantyhose? I can’t wait to see photos of the attempt to get this off!!”

Another user added, “it looks like you’re being captured by aliens.” (We have a lot of questions if that’s what an alien capture looks like…)

But most opted for the laughing face emoji— gets the point across.

ashley graham instagram comments Ashley Grahams Instagram Wardrobe Malfunction Is the Most Relatable Moment Ever

Ashley Graham/Instagram.

Hey—it’s good to laugh at yourself sometimes. And Graham is showing us exactly what that looks like. Her Instagram is proof.