Ashley Graham Gave Her Thigh Crease This Empowering Nickname

Ashley Graham Gave Her Thigh Crease This Empowering Nickname
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From nicknaming her love handles “side butts” to telling herself positive affirmations in the mirror every day, Ashley Graham is a huge believer in how the language that you use to describe your body shapes your self-confidence. So it should come as no surprise that the 30-year-old model has given her thigh crease a body-positive nickname, too.

Graham revealed her body-positive secret on Tuesday’s episode of “America’s Next Top Model,” where she praised a contestants “thigh brow” in an underwear photoshoot. Confused, fellow judge Tyra Banks asked Graham, “What’s a thigh brow?” That’s when Graham put her leg on the judge’s table, lifted her skirt, and showed the goddess-like crease on her upper thigh.

“Oh, it’s like a brow,” Banks told Graham while stroking her thigh.

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Of course, Graham is far from the first person to use the nickname to empower her body. A quick search of #thighbrow on Instagram will turn up dozens of pictures of women showing off their thigh brows in all their glory.

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And while Graham didn’t originate the term “thigh brow,” she did bring it to the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans who will hopefully now think twice about the way they see their thigh creases. Every day we learn a new body-positive lesson from Graham and this time, it’s about how we can change the language we use to describe our bodies.