How to Recreate Ashley Graham’s Exact Post-Workout Regimen

How to Recreate Ashley Graham’s Exact Post-Workout Regimen
Photo: Photo: BG002/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images.

Model and body activist Ashley Graham is no stranger to the gym—in fact, she recently told MindBodyGreen that she works out five days a week, which is more times than we’re likely to put on real pants. Ironically, though, Graham’s favorite wellness practices have nothing to do with dumbbells or machines. Instead, the strategies she swears by are actually meant to be done after her workout. Don’t believe us? Read on.

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Graham insists that the key to keeping her mind and body fit is recovery. She practices a lot of deep breathing during and after her workouts, and uses a foam roller herself when her exercise routine is complete. “I also see myofascial release therapist Alan Willoughby when I’m in Los Angeles. It’s been huge for my recovery game, and I don’t even get massages anymore,” she said. (If you don’t already know, foam rolling is a common form of myofascial release, but there are more intensive forms that professionals can help you with. Myofascial release decreases soreness, improves your circulation and helps your body detox.)

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Perhaps the most intriguing part of Graham’s wellness routine is not an exercise or recovery practice for the body—it’s for the mind. She checks in with herself every day in order to express gratitude. “I think bringing gratitude into your life every day has huge impact. It takes all the emphasis off of you and brings it back to all the people you’re impacting.”

The best part about Graham’s post-workout routine? You can do it yourself! It’s easy to take a few minutes out of each day to reflect on and appreciate your wellness. And here’s a $17 foam roller to get you started.