Ashley Graham Rocking the Slip Dress Trend While Pregnant Is Honestly Maternity Goals

Maggie Griswold
Ashley Graham Rocking the Slip Dress Trend While Pregnant Is Honestly Maternity Goals
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Whether you’re pregnant or not, dressing for red carpet events and awards is something I don’t believe should be taken lightly. Some celebrities never disappoint, and serve incredible looks at every event at which they’re photographed. Among these, of course, is my queen Ashley Graham, who—even though she is very, very pregnant right now—comes to slay no matter what. At the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards, Ashley Graham’s outfit was the ultimate in maternity goals. I’m not even close to being pregnant, but if I ever am, you better believe I’ll be rocking this trendy ensemble at every fancy event I attend. The slip dress trend truly can be worn by anyone, and Ashley Graham is here to prove it!

When the slip dress trend first resurged from its original fiery fashion death, I was a bit disheartened. Slip dresses, in my experience, were made to fit stick-thin people who also happened to have smaller chests. I, safe to say, did not have either of those qualities, and therefore felt utterly left out from this trend. However, Ashley Graham, who’s a plus-size model, wearing a custom Christopher John Rogers slip dress while also pregnant has changed my mind. A slip dress truly can be worn by anyone and look pretty damn good. Excuse me while I stock up on slip dresses for fall and winter.

Ashley Graham


Of course, this isn’t the first time that Ashley Graham has blessed us all with a slip dress look. Last week on Instagram, the model posed in an equally chic slip dress look. I mean, if a pregnant Ashley Graham doesn’t inspire you to amp up your pregnant street style and try out trends you thought were impossible in terms of maternity outfits, I don’t know what will. Ashley Graham continuously blesses us with curvy ensembles and maternity looks I thought could never look so damn chic, and I will forever be grateful for all the inspo.