Ashley Graham Shuts Down Claims That Her Latest Magazine Cover Is Photoshopped

Ashley Graham Shuts Down Claims That Her Latest Magazine Cover Is Photoshopped
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Photoshop is against everything Ashley Graham stands for, so when commenters flooded her Instagram with accusations that her latest magazine cover was heavily edited, Graham knew to promptly put everyone in their place. On Thursday, the 30-year-old took to Instagram to share her February cover for Cosmopolitan Russia with a not-so-subtle disclaimer that not an inch of her body was photoshopped.

Graham fired back at critics—who she sarcastically labeled as “Photoshop experts—in her Instagram caption, which took aim at the many Photoshop accusations she expected to see in her comments. She wasn’t wrong—Graham was inundated with dozens of comments that accused Cosmopolitan Russia of photoshopping her waist and arms.

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Critics specifically pointed to Graham’s left arm, which looked noticeably smaller than her right. “Im sorry but it seems to me you are missing half of your arm.. ” one commenter wrote. Another added, “It really looked photoshopped.”

Graham explained that her proportions in the picture were due to the angles she posed in—not Photoshop. She also assured fans that “no one slimmed [her] down” on the photoshoot, which promoted her denim collection with designer Marina Rinaldi.

“before the photoshopping experts start commenting- no one slimmed me down. it’s angles people 🤗” Graham wrote.

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Though people still have their opinions in the comments (not everyone is buying Graham’s disclaimer), it’s best to believe her. If Graham says her picture isn’t photoshopped, it isn’t photoshopped. Case closed.