Ashley Graham Showed Off Her Natural Freckles in a Glowing-Skin Selfie

Ashley Graham
Photo: Marc Piasecki/WireImage/Getty Images.

It’s official: Showing off your freckles is this summer’s Instagram trend. From Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid’s matching sun-kissed selfies to Halsey’s makeup-free shot showcasing reddish-brown birth marks, everyone and their moms are flaunting their freckles this summer. And the list is only getting longer.

On Monday, Ashley Graham became the latest celebrity to show off her freckles on Instagram after she took to her story to share a sun-kissed-all-over, glowing-skin selfie. Though the picture wasn’t entirely makeup-free (peep her mascara), Graham kept her makeup to the minimum, with a light (or no) foundation, allowing her 7-plus million followers to see her freckles in all their glory.

The picture featured Graham in bed, ready for midday siesta with her face covered with sun-kissed spots. Though it’s not the first time that Graham has shown off her freckles, they do look more prominent than usual, thanks to the summer’s sun. “Must take siesta,” Graham wrote in the caption.

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Ashley Graham

Photo: Instagram (@ashleygraham).

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Looking good, Ash! We’re taking bets on who the next star will be to go au natural and flaunt their frecks!