Ashley Graham Flashes Rarely Seen Hip Crease Tattoo in Sexy Bikini Selfie

Ashley Graham Flashes Rarely Seen Hip Crease Tattoo in Sexy Bikini Selfie
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Ashley Graham‘s Instagram feed is full of sexy, badass bathing suit selfies. So when we heard that the 29-year-old model recently traveled to the Bahamas for a girls’ trip with some friends, where she would undoubtedly don a bathing suit, we knew we were in for a good bikini ‘gram. (Or should we say bikini Graham?)

Of course, the curvy model didn’t disappoint. On Wednesday, Graham posted a snap of her dressed in a cream-colored string bikini, posing for a wet-haired mirror selfie. The picture, which was posted on Graham’s Instagram story and simply captioned, “Thickums,” featured the model puckering her lips into a duck face while flirtatiously tugging on one end of her bikini bottom.

Ashley Graham Tattoo

Photo: Instagram

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But, as banging as Graham’s body looked, it wasn’t the model’s curves alone that caught our eye. When she pulled down her bikini bottom, Graham also exposed a rarely seen tattoo in the hip crease just above her crotch. The quarter-size marking resembles the symbol for the model’s astrological sign, Scorpio.

Though this isn’t the first time Graham has flaunted her NSFW-location tat on Instagram, it is among the few time that she’s shown it off in full view. Typically, the ink is only seen partially obscured by underwear or beneath the straps of her bathing suit bottoms.

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And though we don’t know why Graham decided to fully show off her tat now, it might have something to do with the fact that she turns 30 in a few days on October 30th, which seems like an appropriate time to brandish her astrology-themed ink. Whatever the reason, as far as we’re concerned, Graham never needs an excuse to show off her bikini bod.