Ashley Graham Opens Up About Her “Full Bush” and “Preference” for Pubic Hair

Ashley Graham Opens Up About Her “Full Bush” and “Preference” for Pubic Hair
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Ashley Graham may be a lot of things—supermodel, activist, general badass—but shy isn’t one of them. Anyone who follows along with the 29-year-old knows that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind when it comes to body issues. Whether it be critics who think she’s too thin or Internet trolls who hate on her curves, Graham’s got something to say. This time, model is opening up about body hair—her “full bush,” to be specific—and why she’s got a “preference” for pubic hair.

Graham revealed her support for hair down there in a new interview with Glamour, where she fielded questions from readers who asked for her opinion on various sex-related topics, many of which are often seen as taboo. One reader opened up to Graham about a recent break up which led her to stop getting Brazilian waxes. The reader asked, “Am I the only single woman with a bush?” Graham, of course, had the perfect response.

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“She sounds like my kind of lady,” Graham said. “Honey, I have a full bush. Period. It’s about your preference and your partner’s preference.”

This is when we screamed an audible “YASSS!” In addition to being pro-pubes, Graham also made an important point on taking yourself into consideration when deciding to make a beauty choice involving your partner. For Graham, that partner is 36-year-old film director Justin Ervin, who the model married in 2010 and described to Glamour as “safe and a little nerdy.”

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On the topic of sex (TBH, the whole article was about it), Graham also discussed what she would say to a man who told her he didn’t want to wear a condom.  (Spoiler alert: She didn’t have positive words, though there was an exception.)

“[I’d say] ‘screw you’ and get out of bed,” she said. “Unless you’re married. Then it’s like, ‘Bring it on, daddy.’”

As for how married couples can keep spicing things up in the bedroom, Graham recommended to, well, leave the bedroom: “Married sex is a little different because it becomes very available. You have to make it a little unavailable, so go on dates that are out of the norm,” she said. “We’ll rent a crazy car and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway and then, you know, have fun in the car.”

We called it: If Graham was on “Sex and the City,” she’d be a total Samantha.