Ashley Graham Skips the Bra—and Wears Bagels Instead

Ashley Graham Skips the Bra—and Wears Bagels Instead
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Next time you’re in need of a new bra, you might want to consider exploring your local bagel shop—at least, according to Ashley Graham. While she was chilling with Glamour fashion director Jillian Davison today, Graham apparently shimmied out of her top, popped off her bra, and made a Boomerang starring … well, her breasts. And some carefully placed carbs.

I LOVE BREAD!” Davison wrote alongside the video, with bagels and boobs in the spotlight (and some croissants on the counter in front of Graham to belabor the point). She decorated her caption with a couple of croissant emojis, because—of course. 

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When Graham spoke with us about her food and fitness habits, she admitted that macaroni and cheese is her guilty pleasure (though she revealed that she’s lactose intolerant in her “73 Questions” interview, so we’re guessing she’s using some sort of alternative cheese on those elbow noodles).

But a gal cannot live on carbs alone. Graham also told us that she loves the Green Giant juices from Juice Press, and likes to snack on chia crackers. She’s also a fan of healthy foods like quinoa, brown rice, salmon, and sweet potato. Don’t get it twisted, though—anyone willing to sub bagels for a bra truly loves her carbs. We’re right there with you, Ashley!

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