Ashley Graham Gave Her Assistant a Sample of Her Poop to Carry During Errands

Ashley Graham Gave Her Assistant a Sample of Her Poop to Carry During Errands
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Being a celebrity assistant isn’t your typical job: You’re on call 24/7; you have to deal with personal errands like dry cleaning and doctor’s appointments; you know more about another person’s life than your own; and, sometimes, you even have to handle their poop.

Ashley Graham‘s assistant is familiar with the latter task, since she had to run around doing a day’s worth of errands while carrying a tiny piece of the supermodel’s feces. Graham opened up about the shitty (ha) story in an interview with Glamour in which she revealed that she gave her assistant a sample of her stool (essentially, a chunk of her poop in a vial) to get tested.

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But before Graham’s assistant headed to the doctor’s office, she had a bunch of other tasks to finish first, meaning that Graham’s poop was (figuratively) burning a hole at the bottom of her bag before she could hand it off to the professionals. Suffice it to say, Graham has a keeper on her hands.

“So I was getting my stool sample tested, and I had to give my stool to my assistant, and she had to make all these errands holding my stool, and then had to do a delivery of my stool,” Graham said. “She’ll do anything for me. People know what stool is, right?”

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If you’re unsure if someone in your life loves you, show them this story, because if the person you love can’t spend a day with your poop, who can?