Ashley Benson’s Response to Those G-Eazy Dating Rumors Is Honestly So Satisfying

Ashley Benson
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This man is really just linked to everyone, including…Ashley Benson, apparently? Well, not so fast. The Pretty Little Liars star seemingly set the record straight on Instagram this week. Ashley Benson’s response to G-Eazy’s dating rumor after her breakup with Cara Delevingne was just the thing we needed to breathe a sigh of relief.

And if the latter part of that last sentence just caught you off guard, let’s recap: Ashley, 30, reportedly split with her girlfriend of nearly two years, Cara, 27, sometime in April 2020. We only learned the (admittedly heartbreaking) news recently. But as if their tragic breakup wasn’t enough to leave fans reeling, a new rumor began circulating one week after the initial reports that, um, suggested Ashley was now dating 30-year-old rapper and former Halsey flame, G-Eazy. I know. It’s a lot to take in.

It all started when outlets shared photos of the pair out shopping for groceries together, sparking rumors that they might actually be riding out their socially distanced days at home together, instead. Add the fact that Ashley and G-Eazy have actually collaborated on music together in the past, and it seemed like the rumor could be true. But Ashley finally broke her silence on the matter on May 14 with a subtle Instagram action.

“You can’t say they are dating just because of a like and some comments. Can’t Ashley have friends now? STOP SAYING ASHLEY CHEATED! OR EVEN CARA! They just need friends right now more than ever,” reads a caption on an Instagram post from a fan account. Ashley weighed in on the fan’s comments by liking their post, seemingly in agreement.

The post also included screenshots of an article by The Cut, which also expressed doubt over the G-Eazy dating rumor. “At this point, I’m not fully convinced they’re dating. Just a few weeks ago, Benson and G-Eazy released a cover ‘Creep’ by Radiohead, which the rapper posted to his YouTube channel. Isn’t it possible they’re simply collaborating again—and, uh, taking some liberties with social-distancing mandates?,” the story reads. “Also, while rebounds are notoriously regrettable, imagine going from Cara Delevingne to G-Eazy. I simply cannot!”

If you ask us, it looks like Ashley’s on board with the interpretation. Nothing to see here, folks. (You know, just like that time G-Eazy was linked to our girl Megan Thee Stallion. Never forget!)

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