Art History Meets High Fashion in This Fabulous New Instagram Account

If you’re looking for a new fashion-focused Instagram account to follow but can’t bear to scroll through another selfie, birds-eye shot of avocado toast, or #FromWhereIStand snaps, we urge you to check out @CopyLab, a fabulously creative place where art history meets high fashion. There’s still the shameless consumerism you’re certainly used to seeing on the social media platform, but instead of that blogger wielding her Hermes wallet, it’s Jesus who’s proudly showing it off.

Started  just over two months ago by Georgetown sophomore Chris Rellas, @CopyLab flawlessly fuses historical art with labels, logos, and trends creating a humorous—and often poignant—juxtaposition.

“Classic art and fashion are so similar to me,” Rellas—currently a summer intern at Nasty Gal—told us. “An artist amasses cult followings just like a designer does. Both create something that either comes and goes in a flash, or sticks around and makes a huge mark on the industry. It just seemed obvious that I should bring the two together!”

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And though he’s still in college, it’s obvious Rellas—who mostly works in Photoshop (It’s “the real love of my life!” he said) and occasionally dabbles in Lightroom—knows his stuff. Examples of his work include adding the Chanel jeweled eyebrows from the label’s Fall 2012 show on Frederic Leighton’s classic painting Pavonia; Having William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s classic “The Little Knitter” wear Dior’s tragic-slash-amazing $1,000 fusion sneakers; and a guy by the name of Jesus Christ triumphantly clutching an Hermes wallet during the Last Supper.

As for his favorite creation so far? “Kim Jong-il in Prada wins by a landslide,” Rellas said.

Check out some of Rellas’ work below, then head over to Instagram and follow @CopyLab immediately.

copylab instagram chris rellas fashion art

“He broke the Hermes, gave it to his disciples and said…”

copylab instagram chris rellas fashion art

“The Kim Jong-illest in #Prada coat.”


chris rellas copylab instagram

“Frida for Céline.”

chris rellas copylab art fashion art history

“Girl with a Chanel Earring.”

chris rellas copylab art fashion art history