The 25 Best Bags from Art Basel: Chanel, Hermès, More

Meghan Blalock

Art Basel Miami Beach wrapped up last night in the sunniest city in Florida, and it’s not just an art festival, folks. It’s rapidly evolved into one of the most “It” events to see and be seen, with swarms of celebrities, billionaires, and plenty of fashion’s biggest names all mingling early into the morning hours. And contemporary art isn’t the only thing on display, either.

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The fashion at the festival has increasingly become something worth keeping an eye on, and above all, that means sneaking a peek at women’s shoes, hats, and bags. With the festival now a couple days in, there’s still several days—and lots of handbags—to go.

But we rounded up the best we’ve seen thus far, and there’s some not-so-surprising names in the stack: Hermès, Chanel, and Saint Laurent, to name a few.

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Click through the gallery to see the bags or Art Basel Miami Beach so far!