10 Amazing Aromatherapy Gifts For The Friend Who Needs To Relax

Alicia Kort
10 Amazing Aromatherapy Gifts For The Friend Who Needs To Relax
Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque; Uncommon Goods; Vitriuvi; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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To say 2020 has been stressful is the understatement of the year, so as you’re holiday shopping for the stressed-AF people in your life, attempt to to alleviate their worries with the help of these aromatherapy gifts. I mean, do I know anyone who isn’t anxious these days? I don’t think so, so you best believe I’ll be buying all the picks below.

Let’s get this straight: These gifts won’t fix everything or make your worries magically disappear, but they will create a relaxing moment in your giftee’s day. It’s all about creating pockets of bliss amidst the chaos! Aromatherapy uses your sense of smell to calm your mind and body, so these gifts are top-notch picks for anyone that’s overworked or overwhelmed.

Think about what happens when you light a candle—you just feel a little more, well, at-peace. These aromatherapy gifts take that idea a step further by incorporating specific relaxing scents, like lavender and eucalyptus, to guarantee you can unwind and take a deep breath.

When I think of aromatherapy, the essential oil diffuser immediately comes to mind, but aromatherapy gifts go beyond these (although they also make great gifts!) and include pillow sprays, scented bracelets and even the OG classic reed diffuser. Not everything has to be high-tech, people!

I included some out-of-the-box ideas, like shower steamers, which will take your friends’ #showerthoughts to a whole new level, and an aromatherapy eye pillow, which feels like an at-home face massage. Read on for the whole list, and while you’re at, you might want to pick up a few things for yourself.

It’s going to be a long winter, and we all need some extra self-care equipment on-hand. Treat yourself!

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Stylecaster | Aromatherapy Gifts

Courtesy of VITRUVI.

Luxury Essential Oil Diffuser

If your friend is really into essential oils, get them a top-notch diffuser to display in their space. This one by Vitruvi is made out of porcelain and has a seven-hour runtime. Plus, it just looks super chic.


Stylecaster | Aromatherapy Gifts

Courtesy of VITRUVI.

Calming Essential Oil

Whether your friend has a $15 diffuser or $150 diffuser, this oil from Virtruvi
will give them an ah-mazing aromatic experience. This French lavender hails from the high Alpine Hills, and it’s non-toxic and vegan.


Stylecaster | Aromatherapy Gifts

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods.

Spa-Like Shower Steamers

Whenever your friend showers with one of these shower steamers on the shelf, they’ll be automatically transported to a relaxing, luxury spa. Within the set of five steamers, you’ll get two lavender, one eucalyptus, one mint and one lemongrass. They look good enough to eat—but please, don’t try it.


Stylecaster | Aromatherapy Gifts

Courtesy of Lagunamoon.

Essential Oils Starter Set

If you’re gifting someone with essential oils for the first time, this is a great introduction gift set
. It comes with six 10 mL bottles, with scents like lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree. They can try them all and find their fave.


Stylecaster | Aromatherapy Gifts

Courtesy of Bodha.

Therapeutic Eye Pillow

Friendly reminder to unclench your jaw and rest your eyes! Bodha’s Aromatherapy Eye Pillow engages pressure points, like acupuncture does, to relieve tension from your face. It also smells like lavender and chamomile flowers. This the perfect present for any stressed out friend (or, you know, for yourself).


Stylecaster | Aromatherapy Gifts

Courtesy of Diptyqueparis.

Scented Charm Bracelet

Now you can bring Diptyque with you wherever you go! This perfumed bracelet includes three of their Enchanted Animal charms, which come together to create a complex scent. It’s about to be your new fave accessory.


Stylecaster | Aromatherapy Gifts

Courtesy of LauraBotanicals/Etsy.

Aromatic Bath Bombs

Bath time is always #selfcare paradise, and these bath bombs take tub bliss it to a whole new level. Each one in this set has a uniquely calming scent, ranging from Lavender Twist to Boho Bliss.


Stylecaster | Aromatherapy Gifts

Courtesy of Pacifica.

Dreamy Sleep Spray

Does your friend have trouble winding down at night? This water-based lavender and vanilla spray will help send them to dreamland. Plus, it’ll look so cute on their bedside table!


Stylecaster | Aromatherapy Gifts

Courtesy of Anjou.

Affordable Essential Oil Diffuser

Holiday shop without breaking the bank with this beautiful diffuser by Anjou that you can score for just under $40. It can run for 12 to 15 hours and shuts down automatically when its tank runs dry.


Stylecaster | Aromatherapy Gifts

Courtesy of Paddywax.

Classic Reed Fragrance

The reed diffuser is always overlooked, as some think it isn’t quite as sexy as a candle. Personally, I disagree! I’d say this luxurious NEST Diffuser
is a timeless classic, and the Birchwood Pine scent is my personal favorite. If your stressed-out friend doesn’t want a smell that’s too overpowering (AKA headache-inducing!), a reed diffuser will give off just the right amount of relaxing scent.

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