Many, Many People Are Searching for Hermès Bags By Googling ‘Armez Bags’

Meghan Blalock

In what seems like the perfect piece of news to brighten up your Friday morning, we made a Google discovery that had us equally riveted and befuddled: a quick search for “Kim Kardashian” revealed a number of related searches: there were expected ones, like “Kim Kardashian Dash,” “Kim and Kanye Kardashian,” and “Kim Kardashian Kanye News.” But then, a little further down the list, something unexpected: the search term “Armez Bags.” Huh?

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It took us a few solid minutes to figure out that this unknown designer brand “Armez” was, in fact, a phonetic spelling of Hermès—we assume stemming from the customized handbag Kim got as a Christmas gift from fiancé Kanye West.

Kim & Kanye Shopping At A Sporting Goods Store

Photo: Fame Flynet

The bag, which is covered in original artwork from one of Kanye’s favorite painters, George Condo, earned the couple a lot of buzz—apparently even amongst the celebrity-interested set who might not be the most educated about the spelling of Parisian designer labels. “Armez bags” has about 1,000 unique monthly searches on Google.

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Apparently the team at actual brand Hermès is hip to this information, because when you conduct a Google search for “Armez bags,” is the second result. So it seems that you can still shop with ease for Hermès bags online regardless of your ability—or lack thereof—to spell the brand’s name. And it’s all thanks to Kim Kardashian. What a strange, strange world we live in.