Armani Vs. Hollywood, Round One

Liz Doupnik

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a designer who isn’t afraid to speak his mind…even if it means ticking a couple people off. In a recent interview with German mag, Die Zeit, Giorgio Armani proclaimed his disdain/hatred for Hollywood despite the fact that “they really want my clothes!”

In an industry that’s ever-evolving further and further away from the traditional way of doing things, Armani expressed his dismay at the shift from personalized relationships to business partnerships. But we have to wonder, for all the smaller designers and fashion newbies who may not have the luxury of being as established as Armani what are they supposed to do when it comes down to sink or swim? It seems like the CFDA needs to clone itself in order to help even a fraction of the young talent that’s venturing out into the industry these days.

What do you think? Should the fashion industry go old school or keep pushing forward? Do you think it’s even possible to do so? Tell us your thoughts!