Arm Your Phalanages, @StyleMint Is Co-Hosting #StyleChat!

Laurel Pinson

The tweethearts over at @StyleMint — you know, the t-shirt revolution started by the dynamic duo that is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, will be co-hosting today’s#StyleChat.

Not only that, they’re offering specials discounts to all of those taking part and will alsobe giving away a copy of Influence” signed by The Olsen’s during the chat.Send us your questions about styling a tee with the hashtag #StyleChat, and you’ll automatically be entered to win.

What is #StyleChat?

#StyleChat is atwitter chat, hosted by @StyleCaster every Wednesday from 3 PM to 4 PM EST. Join us while we answerquestions, turn to you for advice and share some great style tips.

How does it Work?

We like to keep things fun and not too complicated. If it gets messy or hard to follow, tell us! We’re just hosting the chat; it’s really for you!

  • Starting at 3 PM EST, send your questions to @StyleCaster with the hashtag #StyleChat
  • @StyleCaster will re-tweet each question — and for this chat only@StyleMint will be answering them.
  • Once a question has been re-tweeted by @StyleCaster please feel free to add your advice and tips! We want to hear from you (just make sure to include the #StyleChat hashtag in all of your tweets)!
  • IMPORTANT: The conversation moves very quickly and we like to share your answers and advice as well, so please try to focus your tweets on the current topic — it makes following #StyleChat much easier and more fun for everyone.

Are you ready for a fashionable afternoon pick-me-up? We know we are. Just make sure you’re following both@StyleCaster and @StyleMint on twitter and you’ll be good to go.

Sign on and join in, cause there’s nothing like spending some quality time with your fellow stylistas!