Apparently It’s ‘Armpits 4 August’ Month, the Lady Version of Movember

Meghan Blalock
sophia loren airmpit hair

A proud Sophia Loren.

Ladies, if you have a man in your life that’s fairly hip, then you’ve probably heard of Movember. It’s that thing where, during the month of November, dudes take a vow of abstinence from shaving, allowing their mustaches to grow freely. (And, in some versions of the movement, they allow any and all of their facial hair to grow at will.) And now: we women have our own answer to the somewhat annoying phenomenon.

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Armpits 4 August, a movement encouraging women to forego shaving their armpit hair during the month of August, is in its second year of existence in the U.K. The phenomenon was started by 23-year-old Londoner Gina Fuller, who at the age of 22 became distressed that she “had never seen what her armpits really look like,” according to the Telegraph. She and a good friend declared a mission: not to shave their pits for the entire month of August. Thus, the movement was born.

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Bonus fact: Armpits 4 August is a charity effort. The movement raises money for an organization called Verity, which does research and helps women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a disease with a number of effects, including unwanted body hair and infertility.

So what do you think? If this movement arrived stateside, would you participate? Vote below!