Aries, Your September Horoscope Is Literally All About Making Effort

Roya Backlund
Aries, Your September Horoscope Is Literally All About Making Effort
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Your Aries horoscope for September 2020 is here, and it’s all about putting in effort! You’re thinking a lot about self-improvement and banishing procrastination this September, Aries, and you should feel proud! Virgo season lights up your sixth house of work and health, inspiring you to break bad habits and follow a routine that brings out the best in you. You might want to spend the month breaking a sweat with a workout program that makes you feel fabulous, cooking healthy meals that actually taste good, and cleaning up the disorganized corners of your office space. You go, babe.

As you start seeing results for all your hard work in the material realm, you’ll be pulled into the world of spirit when the full moon in Pisces takes place on September 2. Activating your 12th house of solitude and subconscious, this full moon will help you heal old wounds with therapy and compassion. Treat yourself to some alone time and some meditation. Listen to whatever your spirit asks of you, as your intuition is pointing you in the right direction!

But don’t worry, you won’t be immersed in solitude for long. Mercury—planet of communication—enters your seventh house of partnerships on September 5, inviting you to partake in conversations marked by harmonious exchange and flirtatious banter. Prepare to be in the mood for one-on-one relationships where you can really take your time getting to know someone, because this extroverted energy will increase tenfold when the sun enters Libra on September 22! And, when romantic Venus lights up your fifth house of fun and pleasure on September 6, it’s time to send some steamy hot texts to your crush and go out on playdates with all your favorite people!

Beware, dear Aries, because you might find yourself feeling impatient and quick to anger when aggressive Mars stations retrograde in your first house of the self on September 9. Even though all you’ll want to do is push hard on the gas pedal, you might find yourself stuck in metaphorical bumper-to-bumper traffic! Take a deep breath, Aries. You’ll get to your destination eventually, but honking your horn over and over again won’t make things move any faster.

Luckily, you’ll feel patient enough to lay down some new groundwork when the Virgo new moon lands in your sixth house of daily activity on September 17. Remember that while you may not be able to get things done overnight, you can certainly break down your ideas and set concrete goals in the meantime! Don’t forget: You need to water seeds before they can blossom into flowers, Aries.


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