Aries, Your October Horoscope Has Some Dating Ups & Downs

Roya Backlund
Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

It’s an important month for you! Your Aries October 2021 horoscope is here and it begins with a new moon in your seventh house of partnerships on October 6. This new moon is encouraging you to take stock of where your relationships currently stand and how you can strengthen them. Communication and compromise are key, but so is finding the strength to let go of patterns that have been holding your relationships back.

Your relationships will get a whole lot more exciting as of October 7! This is when Venus enters your adventure-seeking ninth house, encouraging you to be more open to different types of love. You may even meet someone new when you explore new places and find it in your heart to try new things! However, by October 9, you may have a major realization about your relationships as Mercury and Mars form a conjunction. This could bring tensions to a head, so remember to solve conflict with patience.

The tides will begin to turn by October 15, when the sun forms a trine with Jupiter. This will invite positive and uplifting energy to your social life, helping you make new friends and meet new people! And once Mercury retrograde ends on October 18, it will level things out in your relationships and make it easier to establish harmony with those who matter most.

Things may take a turn for you once the Full Moon in Aries takes place on October 20. During this new moon, you may become aware of changes rippling throughout your life, inspiring you to embrace the person you’re slowly becoming. Get ready, Aries, because you may be embarking down new paths and leaving the past behind once and for all.

Scorpio season begins on October 23, activating your eighth house of transformation and furthering your desire to say goodbye to what you’ve outgrown in favor of something better. This desire to let go may reach a breaking point by October 30, when the sun squares off with Saturn, revealing the reality of what it takes to achieve your dreams. Don’t feel intimidated by what lies ahead. You’re about to discover hidden sources of strength!

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