Aries, Your October Horoscope Is All About Your Budding Love Life

Roya Backlund
Aries, Your October Horoscope Is All About Your Budding Love Life
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Libra season lasts until October 22, encouraging you to focus on your relationships, getting to know others on a deeper level and allowing those you care about to take up space in your heart. However, your Aries October 2020 horoscope begins with you thinking all about yourself! There’s no harm in being a little selfish when the full moon in Aries sends you so much power on October 1. You’re coming to terms with who you are, tapping into what motivates you and embracing the purest form of your identity. You go, Aries!

After establishing your boundaries and your sense of self, it may be time to rethink what constitutes a healthy relationship in your book. A new moon in Libra launches an exciting new connection in your life on October 16; a deeper connection with someone else, but also, a deeper connection with yourself. Either way, this relationship shift will be majorly significant.

You’ll feel inspired to back up your love for others with concrete actions when Venus enters your sixth house of service and health on October 2. You might also find yourself writing out to-do lists and revitalizing your own self-care routine. Incremental change amounts to a lot in the long run, so don’t underestimate the little things, like getting to bed early or eating a nutritional meal! And when Venus enters your seventh house of partnerships on October 27, you might feel like your heart is set on a mutually-beneficial relationship. You don’t have time for superficial connections, Aries!

However, don’t get hasty when making a commitment, because on October 13, Mercury will station retrograde in your intimate eighth house of shared resources. You may feel like it’s love at first sight, but it could all come crashing down on you later, so really give yourself time before making a permanent decision. When Mercury re-enters your partnership-oriented seventh house on October 27, a person from your past may reappear, too. It’s a great time to get some closure.

The month ends with a full moon in your second house of self-worth on October 31, encouraging you to do something that makes you feel proud. Make self-love a priority and remember, your confidence should never depend on something (or someone) that can be taken away from you. Remember to love yourself for who you are, deep down inside!


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