Aries, Your November Horoscope Says The 13th Will Be Your Day

Roya Backlund
Aries, Your November Horoscope Says The 13th Will Be Your Day
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November is serious business, Aries! It begins with the sun in your intense eighth house of transformation and shared resources. This month, your heart is set on intimacy and you’re considering what you need in order to trust and commit to others. You’re also harnessing your passion and power to climb up from rock bottom and bounce back with a vengeance.  Your Aries November 2020 horoscope predicts that, as some things come to an end, new beginnings will find you. When mental Mercury enters your eighth house on November 10, your previous mistakes will become kindling for some bright and fiery new ideas.

However, the date you really need to pay attention to is November 13, when courageous Mars—your ruling planet—finally stations direct and this retrograde comes to an end. With Mars blasting through your first house of the self with gusto once again, there won’t be anything that you can’t handle. You’re letting the world know exactly who you are and what you want and you won’t back down without a fight.

When the New Moon in Scorpio takes place on November 15, it will be an opportunity to make a major commitment and put your whole heart into it. That commitment might involve another person, especially when romantic Venus activates your intimate eighth house on November 21, encouraging your desire for soul connections and a depth that spreads as far and wide as the ocean.

Prepare to feel like you’re spreading your wings and flying away when the sun enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius on November 21. Launching your ninth house of expansion and adventure into the stars, the end of the month is all about exploring perspectives outside of the box and partaking in spontaneous opportunities, so prepare for a wild ride from start to finish. Screw monotony and playing it safe! It’s time to shake things up.

The month wraps up on a high note, as if it was all leading up to one pivotal moment. A lunar eclipse on November 30 speeds you up to your ultimate destiny in your third house of communication. This could indicate a life-changing conversation or an idea that you can follow all the way to the top. Don’t underestimate the power of your mind, Aries!

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