Aries, Your March Horoscope Is All About Wanting To Connect

Roya Backlund
Aries, Your March Horoscope Is All About Wanting To Connect
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Social connections and intellectual pursuits are guiding you through the month of March, Aries. After all, Mars is entering your third house of communication on March 3, tapping into your need for extraverted experiences and mind-blowing undertakings. Your Aries March 2021 horoscope predicts a month that’s centered on cerebral exchanges, but also spiritual ones, too!

You’ll get a hefty dose of spiritual rejuvenation by March 13, when the New Moon in Pisces spreads magic throughout your enchanting 12th house of the subconscious. This lunation will encourage you to feel everything you’ve been avoiding, and then set it all free. Your relationships will feel this healing energy as the Venus-Neptune conjunction takes place on March 13, which may bring up old grievances so that you can finally give yourself the chance to forgive. When Mercury enters your spiritual 12th house by March 15, honest and therapeutic conversations will take the center stage.

You’ll reap the rewards of all of this deep introspective work when Aries season begins on March 20. This is the start of your solar return; a chance to rediscover your confidence and your resilience, as well as plan ahead for your future. When Venus enters your Aries on March 21, it will stimulate your self-love, reminding you how incredibly appealing and attractive you truly are. Get your fill of all this extra attention! Your social life will also stabilize on March 21 as Mars forms a trine with Saturn, establishing free-flowing channels of communication and introducing you to a deeper understanding of your community.

However, missed connections could leave you feeling misunderstood by the endow the month. On March 23, Mercury will square off with Pisces, creating friction between your intuition and your logical mind. Give your heart a chance to catch up with your brain before making any major decisions! By March 28, a Full Moon in Libra will shine a spotlight on your seventh house of partnerships, which may reveal some harsh truths regarding the people you share your life with. If you’re not feeling loved or respected, it’s time to communicate your feelings and rediscover your love language on a much deeper level.

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