Aries, Your July Horoscope Says You’re Coming Into A Lot Of Cash, So Spend Wisely

Aries, Your July Horoscope Says You’re Coming Into A Lot Of Cash, So Spend Wisely
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You’re a natural competitor; someone who always brings their A-game! And as luck would have it, your Aries July 2022 horoscope is asking you to take charge. Being the impulsive zodiac sign that you are, your finances are usually in flux! And fortunately, the beginning of summer aims to sweeten your honey pot. When Mars—your planetary ruler—enters your second house of money on July 5, it will give you the motivating boost you need in order to set meaningful financial goals. Your access to money is steadily increasing, reaching its peak by the end of the month! A raise at work may even be the reason for your recent cashflow, which is all the more reason for you to demand the income that you’re worth.

In fact, the full moon in Capricorn on July 13 will make others envious of your professional success, especially because you may be receiving some major accolades. While you’re typically a straight shooter, you may feel more like being whisked away to a far off place in an effort to avoid confrontation! And even though you’re totally over the drama, facing the haters head-on may be the only way to deal with it. Even if you’re trying to stop having the same fights with your frenemies and coworkers, one snide comment might just set you off! Take a few deep breaths and let out a sigh before you decide if to keep the peace or stick up for yourself, because you don’t want to make a decision in when you’re feeling the heat of your emotions. Either option will have ramifications, so choose wisely.

STYLECASTER | Jupiter In Aries 2022

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Cancer season has got you feeling some type of way this month, Aries! As the sun, Mercury and Venus run through your fourth house of home and family as of July 17, you may spend this month longing to connect with the past. The nostalgia may inspire you to flip through old photo albums and reminisce with your loved ones. Returning to your roots will remind you that you’re connected to something bigger than yourself. You stem from a long line of people who were both brilliant and imperfect; people you have so much to learn from.

By July 22, both the sun and Mercury will begin moving through the most romantic sector of your chart. You can anticipate perfumed words to charm in your ear, because suitors will be knocking on your doorstep! You might even feel more artistic, as though creativity is filling your heart. As the new moon in Leo takes place on July 28, you’ll be in a beautiful position to start a new hobby or reconnect with an old one! It may even signify the start of a new fling, so be on the lookout for a rendezvous with your crush. Thanks to Jupiter in Aries stationing retrograde on July 31, you’re coming from a place of deep-seated confidence.

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