Aries, Your July Horoscope Will Jump-Start Your Intuition

Roya Backlund
Aries, Your July Horoscope Will Jump-Start Your Intuition
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As your Aries July 2021 horoscope begins, you may feel somewhat creatively and artistically stalled. On July 1, Mars—your ruling planet—will oppose Saturn, which may lead to unexpected setbacks no matter how hard you try to push through. This is a test of your patience, Aries! Remember: The most beautiful things come to those who wait.

However, by July 9, your focus may drift over to more important things. As the new moon sends warmth to your fourth house of home and family, you may find yourself discovering a deeper source of comfort and belonging. You may even start craving privacy and protection from the outer world as you build a safe space for yourself, where you and your loved ones can connect without external pressures. Let this next chapter be centered on tender, loving care.

Your compassion may reach new levels by July 12. Mercury will form a trine with Jupiter, jump-starting your intuition and tapping into your empathy. Don’t be surprised if people start flocking to you in hopes of a confidence-boosting pep talk or a sweet shoulder to cry on, because your presence will be beyond comforting. And as the sun forms a trine with Neptune on July 15, your spiritual detectors will be off the charts. This is a beautiful time to center your focus on therapy and inner healing, as the process of cleansing your energy will leave you feeling so gratified.

When Leo season begins on July 22, you’ll be in for a fun and exciting ride! After all, this is when the sun will dance into your flirtatious and creative fifth house, inspiring you to live it up and do whatever it is that makes you feel alive. However, you also have a greater purpose to tend to, because on July 23, the full moon will send electricity to your humanitarian 11th house. This energy will bring you closer to your community as you invest your energy into leading and cooperating with others.

The month ends with a serious switch. As Mars enters your productive and organized sixth house on July 29, you’re being set up for a hardworking and laser-focused month of August. Start getting serious about your goals, Aries!

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