Aries, Your January Horoscope is Telling You Not to Give Up

Roya Backlund
Aries, Your January Horoscope is Telling You Not to Give Up
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You’re getting a glimpse of your future, Aries! Your Aries January 2022 horoscope begins with a powerful opportunity to really soak up your vision for success. On January 2, a new moon will  spark something in your 10th house of career, inspiring you to work towards the goals that provide you recognition, fulfillment and luxury. You love to dream big, so make it your biggest year yet!

However, these plans may not unfold smoothly throughout the month, because the retrograde energy is definitely messing with the vibes! As January begins, Venus will continue retrograding through your ambitious 10th house until January 29, bringing up unresolved conflicts and issues surrounding your professional plans. This month is about owning up to these mistakes and moving forward!

As luck would have it, Mercury also has plans to station retrograde on January 14, creating confusion in your 11th house of community. This could make you think more about how your social dynamics inspire you or hold you back, so rethink the way you function as a member of your circle. By January 25, Mercury will re-enter your career sector, bringing up work-related misunderstandings and conversations that require further clarification. It’s up to you to get back on track!

It’s no secret the first month of 2022 is throwing curveballs, but on January 17, a full moon allows you to let down your guard and feel your feelings. This full moon will nourish your fourth house of home and hearth, reminding you to honor your emotions and give yourself the TLC you deserve! 

You may start looking at things from a new perspective by January 19. The sun will enter your visionary and extraverted 11th house, encouraging you to look at things from a mindset that benefits the collective. This is a perfect time to network and introduce yourself! Other people might be what inspires you, and once Mars accelerates into your driven 10th house, it will give you the energy to conquer challenges and prove yourself.

The month comes to a close with a powerful turning point in this retrograde saga. As Mercury retrograde joins forces with Pluto on January 28, you’ll likely become fully invested in a goal you believe in. Think this goal through—your intentions will reveal whether or not it’s in your best interest.

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