Aries—Your February Horoscope Says You’re Craving Intimacy & Heartfelt Connections

Aries—Your February Horoscope Says You’re Craving Intimacy & Heartfelt Connections
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Love is in the air, and according to your Aries horoscope for February 2023, that love will be even more passionate and intimate for you. Get ready for a month full of sparks flying, enriching your heart on the deepest of levels.

With Venus favoring powerful Pluto right around Valentine’s Day, you should expect your feelings to intensify. If you’re already in a relationship, Pluto is an opportunity to transform your love. Together, you can probe into the unknown and explore the depths of your relationship. If you’re single, get ready to crush hard because all you will be able to think about is that new beau! Some might even say you have become obsessed. Now is not the time for superficial bonds, you are longing for the real deal. No matter the outcome, this experience will be a thrilling ride, so strap yourself in and get ready to fall.

Charming Venus will create some tension with Mars—ruling planet—on February 4. If you’re in a relationship based on respect and mutual understanding, an increased sex drive brought on by the planets will enliven the bedroom. On the other hand, if your relationship is more complicated, the sexual frustration will likely cloud your judgment. You may feel angry and impulsive, wanting to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Keep yourself in check and look for opportunities to compromise. Use your passion as a tool to breathe life and energy into your relationship, but make sure the passion doesn’t consume you. If you’re single, your increased confidence at this time will likely have you looking for a little fun. Just make sure to listen to your gut and avoid putting yourself at risk to satisfy your appetites. Venus and Mars together may bring some challenges but, by working with this energy, you can improve your love life.

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On February 20, Venus takes the spotlight in your first house of identity, attracting people to you as you charm and delight them. There is no doubt about it, romance is the theme of this month for you, rams! Your interest in socializing and making a good impression will increase and you may find yourself primping and prepping to look your hottest. It’s written in the sky, Aries! Embrace this opportunity and explore what love is all about—the intensity, the pleasure, and the fun! 

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