Aries, Your December Horoscope Wants You To Go On An Adventure

Roya Backlund
Aries, Your December Horoscope Wants You To Go On An Adventure
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Are you ready to spread your wings, Aries? You better be, because your Aries December 2021 horoscope is here, and it’s helping you break free from so many barriers. On December 4, a solar eclipse will blast through your ninth house of expansion, helping you set sail on a journey without any destination. It’s not about where you’re going; it’s about all the unexpected memories you’ll make along the way!

When Mars enters your truth-seeking ninth house on December 13, you may feel highly motivated to accumulate new experiences, learn new things and leave your comfort zone behind. Let go of the monotony that makes everything feel dull and boring, and take a chance on an opportunity that scares you!

And when the Full Moon in Gemini sends electricity to your third house of communication, a light bulb may go off in your head. This full moon will help you find the missing puzzle piece, giving you the intelligence and charisma to discover the idea that makes everything else fall into place.

However, by December 19, you may run into a few professional roadblocks. This is when Venus will begin retrograding through your career sector, which may leave a bad taste in your mouth about your current ambitions. Pay attention to unsettling elements that come to light during this time, because it may reveal the negative aspects of your work; the ones that aren’t doing you any favors.

Once Capricorn season begins on December 21, it will bring a stronger focus to your career goals while encouraging you to make some important decisions. Instead of obsessing over what you’re not achieving, remember to celebrate the way you’re refusing to give up. By December 25, Venus retrograde will join forces with Pluto, which may lead to a breaking point in your professional frustrations. It may feel like other people’s expectations of you are making it harder to define the goals that matter to you. Remember—at the end of the day, it’s always you who calls the shots!

Once Jupiter enters your 12th house of spirituality on December 28, you may feel the impulse to let go of your ego and reconnect with your true self. Center your New Year’s Resolution on letting go of dead weight and embracing inner healing.

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