Aries—Your August Horoscope Wants You To Let Loose & Have Fun, Because Life Is Short

Roya Backlund
Aries—Your August Horoscope Wants You To Let Loose & Have Fun, Because Life Is Short
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If you’re hoping for smooth sailing and lazy summer vibes, think again. Your Aries August 2022 horoscope kicks off with a bang, so brace yourself for a moment of unpredictability. Because Mars—your ruling planet—is joining forces with unpredictable Uranus on August 1, you may start the month off with an unexpected shift in your financial status. You might even make a snap decision to purchase something exciting, but impractical. Remember—buyer’s remorse is real!

By August 7, you might feel as though you don’t access to the resources you need, especially when it comes to achieving your highest goals. As Mars squares off with inhibiting and restricting Saturn, you may be forced to adapt to a tighter budget, but it’s only a temporary setback. Don’t judge your progress yet, because passionate Venus will enter your creative fifth house on August 11, which will not encourage you to think outside of the box, but it will also remind you not to obsess over what’s out of your control.

As Venus moves through your playful fifth house throughout the month, it will also put you in the mood for some romance! Prepare to start crushing on someone new, especially since there’s a high probability of them crushing on you too. In fact, when a full moon in Aquarius lights up your 11th house of community on August 11, you might even find yourself becoming closer to a new set of friends! However, it may require you to distance yourself from the social circles that no longer align with your values.

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By mid-August, you’ll receive a positive boost that will remind you to keep going. After all, on August 14, Mars will form a trine with Pluto in your 10th house of career, giving you the strength to overcome whatever has been holding you back from success. You can make the impossible seem possible, which will totally impress your superiors! And as Venus forms a trine with adventurous Jupiter in Aries on August 18, you’re discovering a deeper layer of your heart. Nurture your home environment, spend time with loved ones and make yourself feel more at home.

Prepare for new relationships to begin blossoming throughout the remainder of summer! As Mercury enters your seventh house of partnerships on August 25, you’re opening your heart to deeper one-on-one connections. It’s time to put your loved one a priority without sacrificing your sense of self. You’re learning that loving someone and loving yourself go hand-in-hand.

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