Aries April Horoscope 2022: You’re On Fire & No One Has The Extinguisher

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You’re harnessing your courage this month, because your Aries April 2022 horoscope is bringing out your best self. As a new moon in Aries guides you toward success on April 1, it will encourage you to embrace your true self and fulfill your greatest potential. Embrace your natural-born gifts and show the world what you’re made of! However, as the sun joins forces with Chiron in Aries, self-doubt may arise in the process. Remember—even your flaws can be considered strengths, especially when they already make you a far more interesting and dynamic person.

Work on letting go of your need for approval from others, because on April 4, Mars will join forces with Saturn in Aquarius and intensify the tension in your social circle. You may have trouble connecting with friends and acquaintances at the moment, but there’s no reason to take things personally. After all, trust requires patience, so allow meaningful relationships to grow and evolve over time.

However, by April 12, you might feel much more interested in your *own* company. As Jupiter joins forces with Neptune in Pisces, it will expand your dreamworld and soothe your broken heart. Tap into your psychic abilities and embrace healing, because you’re receiving so many downloads from the spirit realm! As a full moon in Libra lights up your seventh house of allies and enemies on April 16, you’re also coming to terms with where your relationships are going. Demand the respect you deserve and take steps to become a better partner in return.

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By April 27, Venus will join forces with both Neptune and Jupiter in your 12th house of spirituality, refining your relationship with yourself. Indulge in some well-deserved alone time, because solitude allows you to reconnect with the essence of who you *really* are. Don’t change a thing, because you’re beautiful as is!

Brace yourself for a major shift in your financial status as the month comes to an end. On April 30, a solar eclipse in Taurus will rise in your second house of money, which could indicate a major increase (or decrease) in the numbers on your bank account. Embrace what the universe has in store because it’s showing you how to be savvier with saving as well as spending.

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