Ariel Winter Fires Back at Body Shamers, Anti-Tattoo Trolls



In case you haven’t heard, Ariel Winter‘s Instagram feed is a hotbed of controversy—the nearly-naked Instagrams, the tattoo Instagrams, even throwbacks to early “Modern Family” days—all of them seem to invite hordes of trolls telling her to put some clothes on, stop defacing her body, etcetera, etcetera.

She’s clapped back at the haters plenty on social media, telling them, basically, to go get a hobby, but yesterday she played guest host on CBS’ “The Talk,” and used the platform to address the issue directly.

“I mean, people say everything on the face of the planet to me about everything I do. And it just really, it can destroy a person and I also think it’s disgusting what people spend their time on,” said the 18-year-old star. “You’re sitting behind a computer, you don’t have the guts to say it to my face, but you have the time and energy to shame and hurt somebody on the computer, and that just show how little respect you have for other people and how people spend their time.”

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According to Winter, the most recent breed of body shamer is the anti-tattoo trolls: “When I got my tattoos—I have five now—and every time I post about getting a tattoo, every single person on the face of the planet has something to say about it,” she said. “[Like] ‘you shouldn’t be getting tattoos because you’re ruining your body. How dare you destroy yourself even more? You were pretty and a nice person and now you’re just trash.'”

Damn, girl really can’t catch a break, eh?

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